Winter Watch Service Program

Protect your investment with our Winter Service program and avoid costly repairs to your swimming pool and cover. Even though your pool is closed for the winter it still requires attention. Due to rain and snow storms in the Fall and Winter, the water level in your pool may have risen too high and your cover may no longer be secure. High water levels can cause freeze damage to your tile and coping in the winter months. A pool with an unnoticed leak during the summer could result in a pool emptying out over the winter causing damage to your pool and cover if left undetected. When your pool is closed we adjust water levels and secured covers per manufactures instructions. We cannot anticipate the Fall and Winter weather therefore, we recommend that your pool is checked during the winter months.  The winter service program provides the following services for a discounted fee for one service each month available in November and December. This service is not generally provided during January and February due to normal weather conditions at that time of year. 

   Chemical balance is checked to help prevent algae growth. 

   Pool covers are inspected for tears and adjustment of water bags and springs are made.

   Pool water level is lowered as needed.

   If level is too low, note is left for the homeowner to raise the water level to the proper height.