Weekly Pool Service

Owning your pool should be a joy. It should never be a hassle or a problem. With a weekly service contract from Aqua-Pro Swimming Pools, you and your entire family can relax and have fun instead of spending hours vacuuming, brushing, and servicing your pool. Let our professionally trained staff and the highest quality chemical system take care of your pool.

Each visit will provide you with the following service functions:

   Pool vacuumed and brushed with each visit.

   Pool equipment operation inspected.

   Pool surface skimmed with each visit.

   Filter backwashed/cleaned as needed

   Leaf baskets cleaned.

   Tiles cleaned.

   Pump strainer baskets cleaned

   Complete water test and analysis each visit:

Chemicals are not included as every pool tests differently. Factors such as location (i.e sunny area, many trees over the pool), bather load, pets using the pool, and overall usage all contribute to chemical demand. We test your pool water at each visit and add only what your specific pool needs to keep it healthy and sparkling clean.

A written report will be provided with each visit, detailing water testing results, what chemicals were added to the pool, and any special services or special requirements that are needed.

Emergency service calls will receive priority scheduling.