PRE-SUMMER CHEMICAL TREATMENT: Required for pools with Mesh Covers. The winter pool chemicals that were added to your pool at closing are depleted by March. Therefore, we return early spring to add the proper chemicals, prior to the opening of your pool, to keep it algae free and to prevent staining. This pre-opening chemical treatment substantially reduces the labor, and time to make your pool swimmable.


Remove, clean, and store winter cover in area specified by customer.

Sweep and clean pool patio area.

Secure cover anchors.

Re-install ladders, diving boards, lights, and accessories that were removed for the winter.

Re-assembly of filter and pumps, Including the replacement of gaskets and O-rings as needed. (parts not included)

Activate filtration system and auxiliary equipment. Advise if repairs are needed.

Inspect and set valves, valve actuators, control systems and timers

Skim surface, scoop leaves and debris from pool that migrated under the cover.

Brush down entire pool walls and floor.

Re-install Polaris cleaner and pump and adjust as needed.

Complete water chemistry test and balance. (Chemicals are not included. Every pool tests differently upon start up and is balanced as needed. We only add the proper amount of chemicals to balance the water and to make your pool swimmable).

Heater serviced if applicable. (NAT. or LP Gas Only) Heater burners, pilot assembly and exhaust are cleaned and inspected by Aqua-Pro. Debris, rodents, and insects get into your heater over the winter and need to be cleaned out. The heater should never be fired without a thorough inspection and cleaning in the spring. Required or Aqua-Pro will not test fire heater.